We provide Subsea tooling for the Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy sectors. Purpose-built, patented and patent-pending technology, designed and manufactured by Rotech Engineering and Rotech Fabrication for services in Commissioning / Decommissioning, Inspection Repair and Maintenance.

Our latest RS designs provide capabilities not available via traditional mass flow excavation technology.

We offer solutions in controlled flow trenching, excavation, burial / backfill, deburial and seabed debris clearance for:

  • Cable Array and Export Trenching / De-burial
  • Cable Joint Burial / IRM
  • Pipeline Trenching / De-burial
  • Backfilling for Cable / Pipeline Protection
  • Jack-up Leg / Spud Can Clearance
  • Harbour / Pontoon Seabed Clearance
  • UXO De-burial / Access
  • Freespan Correction / Seadbed Rectification
  • Sandwave Clearance / Cable & Pipeline Route Clearance
  • Umbilical & Flowline Trenching / De-burial
  • Salvage De-burial / Access
  • Access to Subsea Structures / IRM / Decommissioning
  • Drill Cuttings Removal

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